Balloon Car Racing

Al-Jazari Fun Science joined SK Seremban 2A’s Highly Immersive Program (HIP) called Glory of Parents by doing a half-day program with over 30 students from Year 5.

We ran our ‘Balloon Car Racer’ module which teaches the kids Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion – Force. The kids had to build their own racing car from cardboard, sate sticks, bottle caps, straws and sticky tape. They then experimented using different straw sizes and balloons.

Science Camps

Al-Jazari Science Camps are coming your way!… Our programs are conducted in both Bahasa Melayu and English. Programs are designed for the specified age group. Price includes food (lunch and breaks).

If you would like to know when the activities will be held, drop us a message at 010 225 7762.

Simple Machines (1/2 day)
Tahun 3 – 6, RM100/pax

Hands-on-Science: Gravity (1/2 day)
Tahun 3 – 6, RM45/pax

Hands-on-Science: Chemical Reactions (1/2 day)
Tahun 3 – 6, RM45/pax

Hands-on-Science: Electronics (1/2 day)
Tahun 3 – 6, RM45/pax

Coding for Kids (1 day)
Tahun 4 – 6, RM100/pax

Coding for Teens (1 day)
Tingkatan 1 – 6, RM100/pax